Fazlani Foods Flipkart and Amazon Sales Boost by 292%

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Fazlani Foods, a brand of the 'House of Fazlani,' started with a dream to take its authentic Ready-To-Eat Indian Cuisine to the world. ​

“With a vision to adding convenience and ease in today’s consumers everyday life, we have taken a step forward to introduce ‘Fazlani Foods’ Indian Ready to Eat delicacies to the world for a healthier tomorrow. We believe that keeping consumers convenience as the core objective of our businesses will always help us develop meaningful products that will add value to their lifestyle.’

– Iqbal Fazlani (Managing Director)

1st Month Achievements

After joining hands with NexonDigi

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Amazon Units Sold Growth

0 %

Flipkart Units Sold Growth

0 x

Faster Delivery

0 %

New Customer Acquisition

0 %

Amazon ACOS (Advertisement Cost Of Sales)

0 %

Flipkart ROI (Return on Investment)

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Increase in Ratings

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Amazon + Flipkiart Combined Boost

Challenges faced by Brand

  • Low Sales
  • Account Health
  • Delivery Speed
  • Premium Badge
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Marketplaces Marketing
NexonDigi Results


  • Amazon sales skyrocket with 471% and Flipkart with 111%
  • Improved ranking and able to achieve Best Seller and Amazon Choice Badge within 1 Month.
  • Amazon Seller Fulfill Prime and Flipkart FAssured tag added. (Helped in sales growth)
  • Added one of the top influencer Mumbaikar Nikhil videos on product listings leading to sales growth and brand awareness.
  • Added faster delivery of 1 to 2 Day delivery model on marketplaces to provide great customer experience.
  • Improved organic reviews by providing a better experience.
  • Run Advertisement with a low budget and gained ROI of 30 and Above.

How we did?

Its simple, we understand the seller goal and current position. After hearing the complete background of the brand we create a Sales Boost Plan and discuss with the Desicion Maker.

NexonDigi Amazon and Flipkart Sales Boost Plan is created after checking multple operation functions with respect to loopholes present in the Product Listings, Advertisement, Customer Experience, Product Ranking, Content and SEO Strength, Delivery Speed and Adding Products on Fulfillment Centers and More.

We then work on to improve and fix the loopholes then promoting leading us to get a better ROI and Sales Growth strategically.