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How To Increase Sale On Amazon – 8 Proven Tricks

Increase Sale on Amazon : Amazon India is the largest e-commerce marketplace, with millions of visitors every day.

As an Amazon seller, it is critical that the product being sold is visible to relevant shoppers, and sellers should occasionally take the initiative to market the products for increased visibility.

In this post, I will discuss various methods for increasing your sales on Amazon India Marketplace.

1. Create Attractive Listing

Sale on amazon starts from how good your listing is? So, first and foremost, choose the appropriate category for your product and create a listing by including high volume keywords. Be very cautious with your word and explain your product in simple language. Include at least 4 to 5 bullet points (product features) and a compelling product description.

If people visit your listing pages but do not make a purchase, it could be because your copywriting and language are not compelling enough to entice them to act. Making minor changes to your product descriptions can have a significant impact on the number of shoppers you convert to customers and, as a result, increase your Amazon sales.

Product titles are one of the most important aspects of an Amazon listing. This will help you rank higher for all product-related searches while also increasing CTRs. Simply put, if your product titles are well optimised, more people will click on your product rather than your competitors, helping you rank higher on Amazon.

2. High Quality Product image

Photos are very important in attracting clicks from search results and converting impressions into revenue. We consume visual content much more easily than written content. The purpose of your photos is to catch the attention of buyers and make them fall in love with your product.

Poor image quality can reflect poorly on your brand. Product images can make or break a first-time visitor’s trust in your website. Customers may be skeptical if images do not fully depict your product and what it can do. It is your responsibility to provide all of the information necessary for the buyer to make an informed decision to purchase your goods.

Avoid using stock images or images from the manufacturer’s website as much as possible. Typically, these are clicked with the wholesaler in mind, rather than the end consumer. Many Amazon India sellers, for example, use drop-shippers to source their products, which are shipped from China.

Instead, if you click very clear images using standard in-house equipment, shoot a short product video and show specifications upfront, you are more likely to earn the trust of customers. To ensure conversions, you must use images that are both appealing and true to the content you will be delivering. When the product delivered differs from what the customer expected, the unclear photos may even contribute to negative reviews. However, if you gain their trust, they will most likely return as repeat customers.

3. Present Your Product Using Videos

It is critical to reach customers via multiple channels as well as multiple mediums. Adding video content to your written content is a great way to boost Amazon sales. When you use video effectively, you can help your brand stand out, build a more personal relationship with customers, and increase sales. According to one study on ecommerce sellers, using product videos increased online store sales by 144%.

4. Reviews Management

Customer reviews are one of the primary reasons why they prefer to shop online. In practise, if you like something in a physical store, you can’t ask previous customers how they liked the product. You can, however, do so online!

Verified reviews increase trustworthiness. Customers understand that other buyers will not go through the trouble of reviewing a product unless they absolutely love or despise it. Buyers rarely leave feedback on items purchased online.

User feedback and product reviews boost your product rankings and, to some extent, influence your BSR (best seller rank). Please keep in mind that constructive criticism allows you to improve the performance of your product. You can delegate responsibility for following up with customers for reviews to one person (while respecting their privacy). Additionally, automating your Amazon review requests is a simple route.

5. Run Sponsored Ads

Your product must be displayed to the intended customer, and sponsored ads with a long tail of highly focused or niche keywords are the way to go.

Amazon provides pay-per-click marketing. You can see how much you’re spending on ad clicks, which keywords shoppers are using, and how effective your campaigns are. You can change your budget and bids at any time to test what works well and to experiment with new keywords.

PPC is used by many vendors, but not as effectively as it could be. PPC advertising should be tracked and optimised on a regular basis to achieve better results. Optimizations may include allocating more of your budget to more profitable search phrases and less to search terms with low ACOS.

Do not be discouraged if you are a newcomer to Amazon. You can use PPC to promote specific products, increase sales, obtain customer feedback, and eventually grow your business so that it can sustain itself organically. However, you will always require a PPC booster shot when there are sales events or when a new competitor enters the market.

6. Boost Your High Selling Product

A great strategy for increasing Amazon sales is to identify which of your products are performing well and double down on them. If you’re having trouble gaining traction, try reducing the number of products you offer and developing a more focused marketing strategy for only a few of your products.

The best way to increase Amazon sales is to determine which of your products are selling the best and double down on them. If you’re having trouble gaining traction, try reducing the number of items you’re selling and developing a more targeted marketing strategy for only a few of your products. If you start seeing the kinds of numbers you want after executing your strategy, you can gradually introduce more items and develop new strategies based on what you’ve learned along the way.

7. Use Amazon’s Sale Boosting Features

Customers can access a variety of built-in resources on Amazon. You can use these resources to help boost your sales by educating yourself on them.

The following are some resources to consider:

Brand Registry – The Amazon Brand Registry is an excellent resource for brand owners who sell on Amazon. By registering, you gain access to improved brand protections, more analytical data, and a personalised storefront for your brand. Selling in a brand registry is extremely beneficial to private label sellers (those who put their branding on goods manufactured by third parties).

Subscription Boxes – If you want to join the ranks of those who offer subscription boxes, it can be a novel way to raise awareness of your products. Create these boxes around your niche and fill them with interesting and one-of-a-kind products.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – FBA sellers are a distinct type of merchant who send their inventory to Amazon for fulfilment. When you give your inventory to Amazon, they handle the shipment, storage, and (most importantly) customer service for you. Just keep in mind that when you use Amazon’s services, they take a percentage or fixed cost of your earnings.

Amazon Discounts – Amazon Seller Central provides a variety of tools for creating promotions and discounting products. Product discounts are an excellent way to increase sales by emphasising the potential exclusivity and time-sensitivity of coupons that assist customers in spending less money.

8. Competitive Pricing

The practise of basing your price on your competition is known as competitive pricing. On Amazon, the most competitive products may see minor price changes. Changing your price can often result in more sales.

When considering product quality and seller authority, competitive pricing becomes less important. However, because so many sellers offer comparable quality, pricing is an important consideration when competing.

To stay competitive, you should monitor how your ranking changes as your competitors’ prices change. If your ranking falls, you must decide how to respond.

Knowing your profits is critical for providing actionable responses. A minimum price threshold indicates how low you are willing to go before it becomes too cheap. You should avoid pricing that results in a negative profit margin.

How to attract customers to Amazon?

Create appealing product listing with high quality images, A plus/EBC will be an added advantage.

How to increase your product visibility on Amazon?

There are multiple methods to increase product visibility on amazon but the effective ones are adding relevant backend keywords, run sponsored campaigns, product title must contain keyword.

What is A++ Content on Amazon?

Amazon EBC listings help you showcase your product information in a very attractive way so that the customer spend more time understanding the product specifications and benefits. Helping the customer to decide faster.


Build Trust and Confidence
Brand Awareness
More Content More Keywords = High Ranking
Creative Images have higher conversion rate
Increase Sales by 2% to 10%
Minimize Returns
Keep Customer Happy