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How To Increase Sales On Flipkart: 7 Important Tricks?

Increase Sales On Flipkart: India’s eCommerce industry has expanded dramatically in recent years. Individuals can now shop with ease thanks to eCommerce platforms such as Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, and Amazon. Order from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered right to your door. By 2030, the Indian eCommerce market is expected to be worth USD 350 billion.

According to reports, there are approximately 4.2 lac registered sellers on Flipkart, and with over one crore customers visiting Flipkart every day, the visibility that products receive is phenomenal, if not unparalleled.

Most of these sellers are unable to increase sales due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of time, so in this article we will share a few tried and tested tips and tricks to increase sales on Flipkart.

Creative Product Listing Helps Increase Sales On Flipkart

Maintain the product catalog’s interest by keeping it up to date with the most recent and detailed product descriptions. The catalogue has a significant impact on the buyer’s perception of the product’s validity. Product visibility on Flipkart can be increased by improving images, descriptions, and buyer engagement. Customers who are pressed for time will frequently search for a product that is also listed. Including all of the minor details, as well as FAQs to address client concerns, will increase traffic to the product significantly. Another critical aspect of cataloguing that can help you increase sales is placing your product in the appropriate category and sub-category.

Appealing Product Images

Images are the closest a buyer can get to the look and feel of the real product on a digital platform, making them a critical component of online selling. Images of your product should be high resolution and show every detail. What looks good sells more, so make sure product images are properly photographed to pique buyer interest.

Inventory Management

Inventory is a critical component of any retail business, including e-commerce. To fulfil orders faster and do more business, you should always keep a sufficient stock of items and different variants of your products on hand. Stocking up also prepares you for a shopping festival at any time.

Product Listing Ads (PLA)

To increase sales on flipkart, you must increase traffic to your products. The more clicks your products receive, the more likely they will be sold. Product Listing Ads are the simplest way to increase the number of clicks on your products on It raises the visibility of your products and allows you to reach a wider audience. It puts your products in the spotlight, increases visibility, and increases sales.

Flipkart has two kinds of campaigns.

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising – CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising is the most popular among sellers; it costs per click, so your item receives the most exposure during this campaign. You will be charged only when a customer clicks on the advertisement. You must launch a CPC campaign to increase product visibility.
  • SmartROI Campaigns – SmartROI campaigns help you increase RoI. Your advertising expenditures are optimised for sales during this campaign, and SmartROI assists you in optimising your advertising budget and displaying ads.

Participate in Flipkart Promotions (Spike Sale)

With Flipkart’s exciting shopping events, also known as spike sales, seller will have numerous opportunities to grow their business. During spike sales, flipkart offer exciting deals in almost all categories. This attracts the greatest number of buyers and drives massive traffic to website and mobile app. Seller not only increase sales with minimal effort, but also reach more buyers all at once. Participating in spike sales also assists you in increasing buyer satisfaction and becoming a seller that buyers prefer.

Flipkart offers two types of promotions.

  • Flipkart Promotions – Flipkart Promotions include any special discount deals suggested by the Flipkart system. These are limited-time promotions in which the Flipkart system displays eligible products for promotion that are applicable to the suggested listing. This promotion is prominently displayed on the Flipkart website. Every major promotion and event can be found under Flipkart Promotion (sale).
  • Flipkart Freebies Promotion – These are items that you can give away for free to buyers. You must first upload the product to Flipkart, then select the FSN you want to list as Freebies, as well as the criterion and item to which the freebies will apply. Freebies can increase sales while potentially decreasing returns.

Premium Packaging

The look and feel of your product when delivered to the customer has a significant impact on the buyer experience. Packing products with good packaging material reduces the possibility of damage in transit. According to Flipkart, 52 percent of customers return to vendors who ship their products in excellent packaging. The overall appearance and look of your product, as well as the packaging, all contribute to the overall experience. Wrapping your items in packaging material reduces the risk of damage during transit. Custom or branded packaging, on the other hand, communicates quality and increases customer trust in you and your business. Creating an amazing unboxing experience can thus boost your Flipkart sales.

On Time Delivery

If you want to increase your sales, you must always meet the buyers’ expectations, whether it’s about the product’s quality or the time it takes to deliver it. Keep your products ready for delivery and mark them RTD (Ready to Dispatch) on time to assist logistics partners in delivering your products as soon as possible. It is equally important to fulfil a return or exchange request on time in order to obtain positive customer ratings and reviews.